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Quick tips for house cleaning in plano texas before and after Thanksgiving dinner!

We know that most of the time, at the end of Thanksgiving, you always end up being grateful, but for having survived all the hassle. Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner is not something that can be taken as an easy task, because if we’re honest, it can be like fighting on a battlefield. Are you having trouble organizing the steps to take when preparing for Thanksgiving dinner? Or even more worryingly, how to deal with the mess after everything’s done? We have the best tips for house cleaning in plano texas before and after this family tradition. Keep reading and learn the easiest way of surviving Turkey Day’s clean-up without losing your head in the process, you’ll see it’s all about preparation.

Tips for clean-up before Turkey Day

It is important you understand that the hardest part will not be after, but before. The preparation for Thanksgiving might be the toughest, but it’s not impossible, and if done right, you may overcome it as lightly as a feather, no matter if you have to start cooking that turkey since early hours of the day.

   1. Wash holiday-specific items first

We’re talking about tablecloths, placemats, cloth napkins, silverware, and special dishes you might want to use that day. Also, make sure to clean any serving platters and large cookware items, such as roasting pans. These should be the first things to clean, more if you haven’t used them for a long time, so when the time comes, you only have to use them, and not go crazy finding them and cleaning them as you need them.

   2. Organize the kitchen

Organizing the kitchen is an essential part of the preparation. In this place, you’re going to have a party, and it may not be as fun as you think, but having it all together will be worth it; massive cooking will take place in this area, and the fridge should be fully stocked with all the products and ingredients you will need to cook. Believe us when we tell you, having all in order before taking action is gold.

   3. Tidy the guest rooms

It’s pretty normal to have family staying with you, so if you have some spare rooms to accommodate family or friends, be sure to dust/ vacuum the rooms and freshen linens that have been in storage as soon as you can. Don’t forget to scrub the bathrooms and clean the shower curtains if necessary.  Half-baths and powder room should also be considered. Stock bathrooms with soap and towels.

   4. Focus on windows and common areas

Yes, you should clean windows and dust common areas so guests can feel at home. There’s nothing better than a window that’s streak-free and shining and having enough chairs to seat all guests. Pamper the living room by throwing some pillows to make everything cozy and comfortable.

   5. Last details

Now, you only have to wipe down the dining room table, and even leave it settled with the dishes you're going to use. Clear out some space and create a tiny area for people to store coats and other accessories, such as umbrellas or purses.  If by any chance there are still some rooms you didn't have the chance to clean, or you want to maintain people off your main room, remember to lock up the doors of the rooms you don't want guests to enter. And lastly, you could also sweep leaves off your sidewalk or driveway, so family and friends get a nice first impression.

Tips for house cleaning in plano texas after dinner

The turkey, hopefully, didn’t turn out dry, and now, somebody’s asking for the last piece of pumpkin pie; you’re feeling content for what you’ve achieved and for the satisfied faces of your guests, life is good but, what’s next? Maybe hanging in the living room for a while, but sooner or later, the moment will come when you have to clean it all up. Although you shouldn’t worry, as cleaning up is way easier than preparing for the event itself.

Pack leftovers 

First thing you can do once the party's over —luckily with a helping hand— is to pack the leftovers into take-home containers or plastic food-storage bins to maintain the food fresh. If you don't have any leftovers, then it would mean dinner was a success and we congratulate you!

Collect the glasses

This will be easy. Collect all the delicate items—such as glasses and silverware— so you can keep them safe until next year such as glasses and silverware.

Clear the table

Simple but extremely necessary once the dinner is over. Clearing the table afterward will take a lot of weight off your shoulders, as you could see the space clear and ready to just wipe off any dirt that’s left after dinner.

Don’t leave it all to the dishwasher 

Washing the dishes can be one of the most boring activities of the whole dinner organization package, so it may turn out pretty easy to just toss all dishware into the dishwasher, but the truth is that you need to take care of the delicate pieces you could be having so you give them the care they need. Wash the dishes the dishwater can’t hold. 

Wipe down the stovetop

If there’s something you should also clean that would be the stovetop and countertops. Get rid of the grime on the backsplash and avoid waking up the other day to the sight of your stove “destroyed” by all that cooking.

Sweep it off! 

Sweeping the kitchen floor and other areas where the dinner evolved is the best way to feel your home is clean again, so if you’re wondering what could make you feel like that, then try sweeping the floor. Maybe you won’t have enough time to clear the whole table or wash the most important dishware after dinner, but in the meantime, a quick sweeping might work out.

We know this day can turn out as a highly stressful experience, but you should always remember that’s not the case, get help, calmly prepare yourself for Thanksgiving and focus on the main purpose of it all: the gathering.

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Quick tips for house cleaning in plano texas before and after Thanksgiving dinner!

We know that most of the time, at the end of Thanksgiving, you always end up being grateful, but for having survived all the hassle. Cookin...